Sonia is just brilliant

Oh My Goodness, Where do I began?!?!?! Sonia is just Brilliant, Amazing and Wonderful and SO Professional and SO Caring! She had Us for a client and was Always perfect and dealt with us on such a compassionate professional level. That is saying alot.. I know Us 🙂
MY  Husband has   Anxieties and at times that is NOT easy to deal with, and to top it off, we had issues with Our Buyers/Buyer loan and the other Agents were not well knowledgeable in how to deal with all of the issues that kept popping up, some issues were very serious and It may cause all 3 families to lose the homes that we all wanted to buy.
To top that off, my husbands anxieties went through the roof.
Sonia handle everything with such ease and grace and so professional and I truly can not Thank Her enough for being our agent!!!
The home owners of the house we bought were so Impress with Sonia, that they asked me for her business card, They wanted to tell some of her friends that Sonia is the agent to have. If that right there does not impress you, I do not know what would? These home owners liked their agent But was impress with ours and wanted to share OUR agents info. 🙂
I was so happy to hear that and so proud of Sonia LOL
 When Sonia tells you, “It’s going to be alright” Listen to her, When she tells you “this would be a great offer” Listen to her. She goes beyond the call of Duty and in my opinion, she Should be pay More for her service. She gets paid little compare to how hard she works